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to reschedule an existing outpatient appointment, call the number above or email: Uhc-tr.patient-referrals@nhs.net

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Hand Trauma Clinic - open access "opt-in" facility

Following an injury to your hand you will be seen in our hand trauma clinic. Following treatment, surgery or a relatively minor injury, you may be discharged with an "opt-in facility". This is to reduce disrupting your life with unnecessary hospital appointments which may waste your time and be costly on account of transport and parking fees, not to mention lost earnings. However, there may be times you are not happy with your recovery or progress following a hand injury. In these situations please contact the Hand Centre directly on 02476 965072. You will either speak with our Hand Trauma Coordinator directly or be able to leave a message. We will then book you back into one of our Tuesday Hand Trauma follow-up clinics on an expedited basis, or if appropriate once our emergency "walk-in" Friday morning slots. If your concern is with a hand wound following surgery or treatment, you may be offered an emergency slot in our Friday afternoon hand dressings clinic.

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Hand Team Secretaries

You may have been referred by your GP for an opinion on a long-standing hand condition. You will be nominally under the care of one of our Hand Consultants and be seen in our elective hand clinics (planned care). If you need to update us with any change in circumstances, or wish to reschedule an appointment, or feel you need to be seen quickly despite being discharged recently - please contact our consultants directly through their individual secretaries:

Mrs Helen Hedley

Clare Perryman (clare.perryman@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965093

Mr Andrew Mahon

Jas Virdi (jaspal.virdi@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965095

Mr Matthew Jones

Debbie Sydenham (debbie.sydenham@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965092

Ms Clare Langley

Kathy O'Malley (kathy.omalley@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965064

Mr Michael David

Harriet Sunter-Storey (harriet.sunter-storey@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965074

Mr Andrew Fowler

Debbie Sydenham (debbie.sydenham@uhcw.nhs.uk)

02476 965092