hand therapy

Our Locations

Our therapists work across two sites in the region:

Wisdem Centre

University Hospital Coventry

tel. 02476 966016

Outpatient Department

The Hospital of St. Cross, Rugby

tel. 01788 663257

What is hand therapy ?

We are a team of specialist occupational therapists and physiotherapists who have had additional training to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the treatment and rehabilitation of hand conditions. We treat patients with a variety of traumatic hand injuries and more long-term or acquired conditions , after surgery . We aim to help patients return to optimum function after injury or surgery or manage long-term conditions.

Our Aim

To provide high quality care to enable our patients to return to live as normal life as possible. Hand injuries can be frightening and we aim to support you through your recovery.

What do we do?

an assessment (on your first visit)

We will take detailed information about your injury or current condition. We do a physical assessment including joint range of movement and assessment of muscles, soft tissues and nerves. This information will help us plan your recovery. Sometimes the information may be shared with your surgeon to help plan your surgery. We will explain which treatments are best suited to you and provide individualised exercise advice, splints and a rehabilitation programme as it most appropriate. A lot of the treatment can be carried out at home with regular outpatient reviews.

We will set goals with you and regularly monitor your progress to ensure you are improving. We discuss your progress with your surgeon and the team to ensure they are kept informed of any issues and plan any further intervention if needed.


We help our patients return to work, sport and the activities that are important to them by setting individual goals with our patients.


We provide tailor-made exercise programmes to help people recover from their injuries or to help manage their long term conditions.

education & advice

We provide clinical advice and education on the condition and can discuss your surgical procedure. We can answer questions regarding your recovery and help you achieve the best possible outcome. We provide advice on techniques such as joint protection and activity modification to support self-management of long term conditions.


As part of your rehabilitation we can provide custom made splints or provide off the shelf splints/braces for you.

scar care & oedema management

There are a variety of treatments we offer that can be used to help problem scars and reduce swelling in the hand and wrist.


We accept referrals from any of the specialist hand consultants at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire or if you need to transfer your care from another hospital. We are unable to accept self-referrals or direct referrals from a GP.

Our non-attendance policy

new patients

Patients are sent an appointment by post, phone or text message. If they do not attend (DNA) this appointment then they are discharged and a letter is sent to the consultant team notifying them.

follow-up appointments

If the patient has attended for an initial assessment and then DNA’s for a follow-up they are discharged unless there is felt to be a significant medical reason that they should be offered a further appointment.


If a patient rings to rearrange an appointment, this is recorded as a patient cancellation. If it is a short notice cancellation that is within 24 hours of the appointment the cancellation may be treated as a DNA. Patients who cancel several appointments at short notice may be removed from the therapy list.

late arrivals

If patients turn up more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we will try to accommodate the patient but the hand therapist may ask the patient to re book so that the clinic runs to time.